Client name:

Islamic Development Bank


Multilateral Development Finance Institution



Description of Client

Global leaders in Islamic finance, providing long term sustainable and ethical financing structures to underpin our project investments. In the last two decades, the ISDB has secured an AAA rating, and has become the largest global issuer of Sukuk, through which they fund research and training to develop the future of Islamic banking and finance. ISDB have successfully deepened and broadened the investor base and enhanced their profile in the international capital markets.

Al-Aqsa Fund, which was created by the Arab Extraordinary Summit (Egypt) in 2000 was managed by the Islamic Development Bank (ISDB), and the IICO will cooperate with other partners to support this program which will also provide mobile hospitals and rehabilitation centers to treat war victims especially children and women.

Business Scenario

  • ISDB has been publishing the content that is available to users without authentication/authorization.
  • Al Aqsa Fund aspires to create a new website that will showcase the Achievements of the Aqsa Fund over its years of operations. It will highlight all relevant information about the Aqsa Fund all the way from financial resources to project geographic distribution and volume. The target audience will be Donors, general public and NGO’s.
  • Al-Aqsa decided to incorporate a website with cutting-edge technologies and functionalities and will serve as the main portal for all information about the fund to all stakeholders.

Solutions Delivered

  • Since SharePoint does not support anonymous sites, we used an external service like Azure App Service to host a custom application that we are recommending to build on Next JS (React) and .NET Web API that will give next generation user experience
  • Content Management System (CMS): We used SharePoint Online as the content management for Public facing website. The business users can use SharePoint CMS capabilities to author, review and approve the contents before publishing to the website
  • Seamless integration of future platforms. Data-centric backend that allows to easily implement additional features and administration of the site.
  • Visually appealing graphic design, ease of navigation and user friendliness.
  • zzti-lingual website compatible to all browsers such as, Chrome, Safari etc. Which is accessible with both Mobile and Desktop.
  • Auto email alerts and SMS related to all the significant workflow activity.
  • Azure AD service as a unified tool to manage portal access to authenticate and authorize internal and external users.
  • Configure Azure Multi-Factor Authentication for all type of users.

Technology Highlights

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